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A 501(c)3 not for profit disaster rebuild mission 



Jerry's home dedication, on the anniversary of the tornado, makes the news and gets a visit from KY Governor Andy Beshear...

...Tim's home consecration and Bible presentation is in the first 7 minutes of the last audio clip entitled "Listen to entire program below:"

Another great winter at Huntersfield Christian Training Center working with the men in the Discover Life recovery program!

If you recall..last year in Prattsville, NY we helped to elevate the house that will become transitional living for men from the Discover Life program.   While we were working on tornado homes in Dawson Springs last summer, volunteer groups framed up the addition which will become leadership housing.   This Winter, with the men's help, we completed framing and blocking, installed rough wiring, plumbing for the heating system, hung drywall and constructed the live edge staircase for the apartment.   Along with the various other chores and activities at Huntersfield, It was a busy and Productive Winter season!

Back to Western KY for Tornado Disaster Rebuild for 2023 season!

Upon seeing the devastation in western Kentucky from the December, 10th F4 tornadoes, our hearts were drawn to be part of rebuilding and getting families back in their homes.   Part of that decision was for a two year commitment.  We are excited to get back to work with the great folks in Kentucky!


  God directs and leads and we are following.

We are collaborating with the

Hopkins County Long Term Recovery Committee

and the

Pennyrile Habitat for Humanity.  to continue working Hopkins County and the small town of Dawson Springs where more than 50% of the homes were destroyed and more than 70% of the homes (over 600) were significantly damaged.

 We need your support in any way you can give


Follow our "Volunteer" link for information on volunteering!


With so much work to do, now more than ever...

The Call to Build needs your support!
There are so many families displaced from their homes and in need of help to get them restored.
We are doing all we can, but would love to build the capacity to do more!

If you aren't already, please consider becoming a monthly contributor.

We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.
                                                           Winston Churchill.




Tim and Marcy Sheaffer are disaster repair and rebuild mission workers.


They are... Called To Build.

Many generous organizations offer immediate emergency services to those hit by disasters. Because of these services families are provided with relief from the immediate threat of homelessness. 

However, within months it is not uncommon for a community to be left wondering what's next. After the immediate needs are met, they still need a home.


During this time some families fall between the cracks. Tim and Marcy offer re-build services to disaster affected communities with vulnerable populations. Through this work they have witnessed lives transformed. 

The Call To Build - Meet Tim & Marcy

The Call To Build - Meet Tim & Marcy

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Here's What People Are Saying:


"Tim, Marcy, Alan, Rusty and the whole youth group crew from NJ were absolutely wonderful! I could not have asked for a nicer, hard working crew! My new roof is on and it has just started pouring out as we speak. I am not worried and my stress level has decreased dramatically! Not only did they finish my roof but also my front and back deck and part of my side deck. Rusty said they needed to finish some work on another job but would be back in the next few weeks or so to complete my side porch and the inside work. I feel so incredibly blessed, I cannot even tell you!

Andrea, Homeowner

Pamlico County, NC

August, 2021


Tim & Marcy, please know there is not enough words to express my satisfaction and privilege to know how much I appreciated your work on my  home and the truly spiritual connection resulting from what I know came from God.   Below is my attempt to let you know:


THE CALL TO BUILD restored my home outside and inside walls, floors, ceiling, roof, electric and water access in practically every room after the Memorial day tornado and a failed contractor job.   Through Tim's disaster recovery experience and natural hands-on professional guidance, willingness to identify the required code requirements and why step-by-step, and also to complete each task provided trusting and more than satisfying results.."

Illen Abney, Homeowner

Trotwood, OH

May, 2020

"In October 2015 the South Carolinas experienced record-breaking rainfall as 11 trillion gallons of water fell during a three-day period. In Columbia, rivers overflowed, more than 20 dams – including the historic Columbia Canal – breached, and water filled thousands of homes and businesses across the area. Tim Sheaffer was among the first groups to arrive to provide immediate relief and help to begin the process of long-term recovery. Tim showed deep compassion for helping people and allowed many in our community to return home."


Jennifer Moore

Senior Director | Financial Stability

United Way of the Midlands

1818 Blanding Street

Columbia, SC 29201

"After the devastation of Hurricane Matthew in 2015 we were blessed to host Tim and Marcy Sheaffer and the volunteers who began the work of repairing homes for those who were in need.   They came with knowledge, experience, equipment and a passion to serve."


Father Thomas Moore

Holy Apostles Orthodox Church

724 Buff St.

Columbia, SC 29169

"Tim Sheaffer oversaw our entire disaster relief project that consisted of six new residential homes.   The homes were built for families in Ocean County, New Jersey following the devastation of Super Storm Sandy.   Tim was exceptional.    He was on time, reliable,  hardworking and professional at all times.   We would highly recommend him for any disaster relief projects."


Gary Lotano

Matthew Lotano

Lotano Development, Inc.

216 Main St. Toms River, NJ

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