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A 501(c)3 not for profit disaster rebuild mission 



Jerry's home dedication, on the anniversary of the tornado, makes the news and gets a visit from KY Governor Andy Beshear...

...Tim's home consecration and Bible presentation is in the first 7 minutes of the last audio clip entitled "Listen to entire program below:"

Another great winter at Huntersfield Christian Training Center 2024 working with the men in the Discover Life recovery program!

If you recall..last year in Prattsville, NY we spent a lot of time on the house downtown that will become transitional living for men from the Discover Life program.   While we were working on tornado homes in Dawson Springs last summer, volunteer groups finished up the back apartment and it is now home to new staff members Ryan and Alex.   This Winter, with the men's help, we are focused on firewood and sheds to help build up funds to complete the doors, trim and cabinets for the front house.   Along with the various other chores and activities at Huntersfield, It is a busy and productive Winter season!

Looking forward to 2024...

Northern Vermont

Flood Recovery

We had a few options to consider for the upcoming season.   Folks in Mississippi are hard at work rebuilding after a tornado.  West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky are getting started on flood recovery in those regions, and a few other communities were brought to our attention.   Ultimately we were led to Northern Vermont, where flood recovery from last fall is still getting under way.   In past years we have gone places where we were able to team up with organizations who were already swinging hammers, and it was tempting to jump in with one of the wonderful groups we've met who are doing great things.   But we couldn't turn aside from an invitation to partner with the United Methodist Committee on Relief to help get things moving in upper Vermont where there is still a lot of work to do before we can begin the actual repair and rebuild work.   We covet your prayers for God's direction and provision to help the underserved in this region.

Unfortunately this means we will not have information on volunteer housing and scheduling until we are able to secure it... but if you would like to get on our calendar for a week starting any time in August please reach out!


With so much work to do, now more than ever...

The Call to Build needs your support!
There are so many families displaced from their homes and in need of help to get them restored.
We are doing all we can, but would love to build the capacity to do more!

If you aren't already, please consider becoming a monthly contributor.

We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.
                                                           Winston Churchill.


Tim and Marcy Sheaffer are disaster repair and rebuild mission workers.


They are... Called To Build.

Many generous organizations offer immediate emergency services to those hit by disasters. Because of these services families are provided with relief from the immediate threat of homelessness. 

However, within months it is not uncommon for a community to be left wondering what's next. After the immediate needs are met, they still need a home.


During this time some families fall between the cracks. Tim and Marcy offer re-build services to disaster affected communities with vulnerable populations. Through this work they have witnessed lives transformed.