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Marble Surface
2021.....The engine of our 2000 Ford needs a full re-build. It has been a faithful servant, but given its age, and a questionable transmission, it is not worth the investment to rebuild it...

After a few years of saving, and a little help from the bank we have finally been able to procure a beautiful 2017 GMC 2500 with an enclosed utility body.   We are blessed to have found the perfect vehicle to fit our needs!!  As good stewards, we would love to pay off the loaned amount in much less than the 60 month term.  With all of our wonderful supporters I'm being optimistic... I think we can do it in 18 months :-)


The 40' camper we have been living in for more than 16 years is getting well past its prime.   Our next major need is a replacement for it. 

Also, when we set up project sites it is often difficult to find housing for our interns from Discover Life.   Thus we would like to procure a smaller camper that would comfortably house two persons.


if willing to donate a used camper TCTB is a qualified 501(c)3 donation ! 

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