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Dayton, ohio tornado response

Obviously the current situation in our country and around the globe has effected the progress of disaster rebuild.   Volunteer groups from out of state have cancelled their trips, and it is difficult to determine just when we might see "normal operations" resume.  

In the mean while, Marcy and I will be continuing our work.  The current restrictions do qualify contractors as essential services, thus we are in compliance with state directives to continue working.   

Of course we want to do so safely! 

- The homeowners we currently have waiting are displaced (not currently living in their tornado damaged home).   This alleviates the concern of contaminating those we are serving.

- We are only going to schedule two (2) volunteers per work site, Four (4) if we have two who are able to do siding, roofing and other exterior work while two work on interior repairs.   

This said, there are currently four (4) potential work sites, in this manner we can safely engage our normal volume of up to ten (10) volunteers. 

Naturally, with volunteers spread out in this manner it may have some shortage of tools, so if you can bring your own it would be helpful.

- More than ever, we encourage the use of safety glasses, masks and frequent use of hand sanitizer.   


If you are local and would like to join us, please stay tuned for further updates.   Whatever else we face as a community -- there are still families displaced from their homes who need our help!!!

Active worksite, Rolfe Ave. Dayton (Northridge)
-Demo exterior kitchen wall, 2nd Bedroom Ceiling and exterior wall
-Complete electrical repairs
-Install bathtub & surround
-frame linen closet
-Install insulation
-Hang and finish drywall
-Install flooring
-Install vanity and commode
-Install Kitchen cabinets & appliances
-Install window & door casing and baseboard trim
-Install Bi-fold Doors
-Install exterior soffit, fascia and siding
If you would like to volunteer as an individual or as a small group please
text or call 717-713-1081
or email 
We have three homeowners in the Northridge, Dayton vicinity who are still waiting for help arrive.......
Justin:  Repairs
-Demo and clean-up of interior flooring & ceilings
-Rafter repairs
-Hang and finish new drywall 
-Exterior Soffit & Siding repair
David:  Rebuild
- Complete wall insulation
- Hang drywall
- Insulate attick
- Finish drywall
- Complete exterior, soffit. fascia
- Garage siding
Jack:  Repairs
-Demo and clean-up of interior ceilings
-Framing repairs
- Insulation
-Hang and finish new drywall 
-Exterior Soffit repair & Siding
If you would like to volunteer as an individual or as a group please
text or call 717-713-1081
or email below 

“Don't ever question the value of volunteers. Noah's Ark was built by volunteers; the Titanic was built by professionals.”

~ Author unknown

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