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OHio(Dayton area) Tornadoes

On the night of may 27th into the 28th, 2019

the Miami valley region of Ohio was struck by

as many as 17 tornado touchdowns........

Northridge, OH

Justin's Home

Justin's home had been sitting, untouched since just after the tornados.   He was able to find a roofer to patch the rafters and put on some shingles to prevent further damage, but nothing more had been done since.  We worked on Justin's home for 7 months.  Progress was slow with only a few occasional local volunteers but we kept moving forward.  We started by adding hurricane ties, gussets and collar ties to the rafters.  Then re-framing support beams rafters and joists that were broken.  We then re-constructed the bedroom wall which had been caved in by airborne debris. We replaced the deteriorated framing and added support to the original structure as well.

Justin, Melissa and Jordan's home is now complete.  It took a bit longer than anticipated, but thanks to our local volunteers they now have a safe, sanitary and secure home!

* Prayer for the family as they begin moving back into their home while mourning the loss of their father.

brookville, OH

Terrie's home

Terrie's home was a total loss, and her insurance was not enough to pay the contractor to rebuild it.  Sharing Hope ministries was able to step in, and with the help of volunteer labor (including the contractor) she now has a modest, but beautiful new home.  While Marcy and I were working in Trotwood, other SHM volunteers were able to get her home built, painted and ready for trim, doors and finishing. This is where Marcy and I stepped in as SHM time in Ohio concluded and they returned to Pennsylvania. We finished and painted the garage, installed doors trim, kitchen cabinets and appliances. We also installed bathroom cabinets and fixtures, a garage door opener, installed the electrical devices and fixtures and insulated the attic.

      Terrie and her daughter are now moved in and settling into their new home!

Illen's home was devastated by the tornado.  She thought she was one of the fortunate ones... she had insurance and she was able to find a contractor.  Unfortunately her contractor, after being paid most of the insurance money, failed to do work that would pass inspections and ultimately left without completing the work. 


Together with Sharing Hope Ministries we were able to repair the framing to sound structural condition and finish her home... a window unit A/C will have to do until she can afford to replace the AC condenser which was stolen after the tornado, but she is home, safe and sound!


illen's Home


irene's home



The roof and half of the second floor of Irene's home was gone.  Unable to find a contractor, it had sat for over  a year. Working with Sharing Hope Ministries, we demo'd the damage areas, re-decked and framed the second floor and re-roofed.

   Although not able to complete the rebuild, now the elements will not further damage the house until she can get contractors to finish the work!



When considering where to go next (from West Virginia), we were able to connect with some friends from the Dayton, Ohio area and came up over the 4th of July weekend to pitch in with Brethren Disaster Ministries to do some tree clean-up...


4th of july weekend

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